Saturday, September 13, 2008

Timmy is a messy eater.

Here are a couple of snaps after meal.

North Conway, Sept 6th

Took these when we were up at North Conway. got a new laptop, so can finally get some photos off my camera.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pool Time

Of course he jumps in with his clothes on, when his swim suit is in his bag!!!

Timmy going swimming again, we loves. I got these photos from Julie's blog, thanks Julie. We went over to Julie's August 22, we had tonnes of fun. (I'll get a new computer soon)

Welcome Shana Quinlan

Timmy's First Cousin was born on Sept 2nd, she is so cute. Welcome to the world Shana.

Shana Katoku Quinlan was born 10.36 pm PDT Sept 2nd, weight 8 lb 8oz and measuring 21 inches. Mom and baby are doing fine.

(As an aside my personnel PC died last week, so I'm unable to load up new photos of Timmy, I get a new laptop soon)